Ponoko, the next frontier

Table Bracelet, by BigShow

Ever wanted to design something so sleek you thought only a machine and a lot of dough could pull it off?  Well, you’re in for a treat, courtesy of two young guys with an ambitious idea.
Founded by David ten Have and Derek Elley in New Zealand, Ponoko is a portal into the world of laser cutting.  Previously, having a project laser cut would cost thousands of dollars and you needed to produce a large number of the same item, therefore making it unaffordable and impractical for independent designers and regular folks.  Now, Ponoko lets you design (either using software or a hand drawing), produce and even sell your product on their site, all for a very attractive price.  If you have an idea and you’re not sure how to develop it, you can request the service from a professional designer through Ponoko.
Although there’s a lot of industrial designer types already on the site, this is a great way to make jewelry and accessories.
Check out their site and make your own stuff!

*Photo credits: Table Bracelet, by BigShow


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