Do you buy jewelry, Jeweler?

Raspberry by jasminescott

If your a jeweler or jewelry designer, what kind of design do you purchase instead of making yourself?

Bakers don’t buy supermarket pies.  I’m a jeweler and designer. I have skills that I employ regularly in my day to day work, and I love what I do. So when it comes to buying items from other people, what do I buy, if anything?  What do you buy?

Let me tell you something: I BUY.  But of course, my daily experiences and work influence the things I buy.  Most of the time the jewelry I buy is made with a set of techniques which are new to me, or outside of the work I do. Hence the baker thing.  These items are works of art I get to wear and admiration is a big part of owning art.  Another thing I’ve come to appreciate a great deal is another jeweler’s design style.  So and so may have done the simplest and most beautiful of rings, which I could easily manufacture myself, but just the fact that they came up with it makes me want to have that one: the name brand, the original.  And then there’s the ones that combine that unique design with unusual techniques… {sigh}.

Since I’ve become an etsy buyer and, later on, seller, this site has been the most wonderful source of inspiration, networking and designer shops.  The favorites tool helps you keep track of your wishlist items and sellers.  Here’s a few I consider noteworthy.  If you think I’m missing out on something please leave a link.

marmar’s The dog jumped over the moon

meganauman’s Fine Silver on Steel Bracelets

eninaj’s Sewing a Necklace

AdamSmith’s Amorphous Ring Gold

ColleenBaran’s Floating Saucer Ring Set, Set of 7

kjoo’s Textile and sterling silver earrings – nO.343

JDavisStudio’s Neighborhood Ring

As for stuff I have bought, I’ll have to report back later. Enjoy!


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