Solder in or solder out?

Pendant, unfinished

When you are soldering a bezel onto a backsheet, where do you put the solder?

I’m asking because I’ve come across people who put it either on the outside of the bezel or on the inside.  Solder is great, we use it to stick two parts together, it’s shiny and pretty, but nevertheless, we don’t want it all over the place just hanging out.  In other words, if it’s not keeping two pieces of material together, it shouldn’t be there.  For example, if you’re making a bezel you’ll use to set a cabochon, you make the rim, place it on top of a backsheet, flux and then place the solder on the outside.  Here it goes outside because you don’t want any extra solder sticking to the base of the bezel on the inside, since it will be in the way of the stone’s ‘seat’; if the base isn’t flat, the stone won’t be in the best position.  However, if you’re making a pendant like the one in the picture, in which you’re soldering wires onto the backsheet around the bezel, you need that outside surface nice and flat, with no irregularities altering the placement of the wires.  In this case, the solder goes inside.  For this pendant in particular, I had to cut out a hole inside the bezel so I can later fill in the hollow space with something (don’t know what yet) so it won’t cave in at the slightest touch, so there’s not too much material left on the inside.


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