The sketch deficiency

Abigail Percy sketchI have a problem: I have the worst discipline when it comes to drawing and sketching potential projects.  This is a problem because sketching is a very important part of the creative process.  I’ve tried carrying a blank notebook with me at all times, getting colored pencils, and this has only gotten me an extensive collection of sketchbooks and lots of colors lying around…  Is this the equivalent of writer’s block???  Well, I don’t think so.  Maybe I’ve got a secret fear of blank pages, the possibilities are intimidating.  Weird enough, I get almost all of my designs done with the modeling wax directly.  Why is there a difference?  I think I just suck at drawing…

*Photo credits: Abigail A. Percy via Flickr


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One response to “The sketch deficiency

  1. jordi

    Congratulations for the blog.

    If we are talking about sculpture, which is the most related field with creative jewelry,possibly there are sculptors that work directly with the materials, because the only limitations are economical (wood, stone,iron,resin, among others).A sculpture can be 30 metres tall, and the weight not being the most important factor, just needs to respect or fit in the enviroment where is going to be located. In the case of a jewell,is important to differenciate between to 2 aspects:If needs to be wearable or not.On the first case, the jewell requires a basic study on the function that needs to have and this envolves a small project, either by hand sketching or by computer software.
    This gives you an idea of its look,weight and structure, just to do the job. And thinking in that somebody would wear this jewelry with a minimum of confort.

    In my opinion, the development of a small project, it might help to develop other pieces from the same style and line.

    Good job and I’m still waiting for your ideas for GROC.We’ll be in touch

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