Another wax ring

Sometimes I just want to complicate my life for the fun of it, and wax work lets you do that. For this ring’s design I drew a squiggly line on masking tape, put it on the piece of wax and got to carving.  Slowly the ring I had in my head started emerging in 3D.

Now, if you’ve ever done wax jewelry you know that no matter how beautiful it may look before casting, it will definitely need some work afterward in metal.  I was cool with that, but didn’t count on a casting mishap, so there was a missing section which had to be reconstructed.  Due to the repetitive linework of the ring, we could fix it by making a mold of the ring, injecting a couple, taking a section which coincided with the lines in the missing piece and melting te two together (thank you Jordi for the creative problem solving :) ).

Now the ring is sitting on my table, and I’m seriously regretting all the nooks and crannies I made… It’s been a few weeks already… will I finish it anytime soon???


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