What would you design?

Jewelry is an item that most people have, whether for adornment or cultural reasons. So does it really take a trained jewelry designer to think of a great piece? I think that sometimes knowing too much about the trade might hinder your creative impulses, and in those cases ‘naive’ jewelry designers can come up with ideas a seasoned jeweler would never think of. In the same way, a trained jeweler can quickly solve technical riddles that only countless hours in the workshop could tackle.
This is an interesting conversation since we jewelers all have a little bit of both in us: we all learn from different people, schools, methods, and under different circumstances. However, we might have already categorized ourselves in one of these categories. Do you think it really matters?
I might have steered away from my original point here, so here it goes:

Non jewelry designers: what would you design? If you had all the skills (or an excellent jeweler at your service), what would be your first creation?

*Image is mine. Preliminary sketch from my jewelry design class at GIA NY.



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