The Thorn Tree Project bracelets

The other night we went to a silent auction and market organized by The Thorn Tree Project. [Have to admit I skimmed through the invitation, and was sucked in as soon as the words ‘African bazaar’ were mentioned].  The event was interesting.  We got to meet and take pictures with one of the Samburu warriors, all dressed up in traditional clothes; and we contributed by buying jewelry, wooden bowls and handmade soap.

This project raises money to fund schools and scholarship programs for the nomadic people of Sereolipi in the northern arid lands of Kenya.  For almost a decade Jane Newman, formerly an advertising executive in New York City, has been working with the Samburu, using her connections in the US and Europe to fund the formerly impossible dream of Chief George: to “better educate his people so they could survive the onslaught of modernity”.  Together they have built preschools, primary schools, boarding facilities, and started a scholarship fund to send students to high school.  Their achievements are really incredible, and you can read more about it here.

You can help by donating directly or buying these cool bracelets that mothers in the tribe have made to support their schools.  I went a little crazy and got a few things, but it’s for a good cause so it’s ok!


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