What to wear

I have a wedding next weekend and I’m wearing a very beautiful black dress, Grecian style from BCBG (can’t find an image online, sorry). I wore it last year to a wedding, and at that time I was interning here, and it turns out that they loan jewelry to their employees!  I went nervously into the gallery, thinking of all the beautiful things I could wear, hardly believing this could ever be possible. I was thinking about some estate jewelry, lots of diamonds, very classy. But as I took a tray and started looking around I forgot everything, and went straight to the Majoral window. You see, my jewelry teacher is from Barcelona (as is Enric Majoral), so we have discussed his aesthetic and techniques many times. Majoral is a pioneer in the world of contemporary jewelry, his work is exhibited and sold the world over. So you can imagine my state of mind when I realized that for once in my life, his pieces were within my reach (I’m not counting setting up displays in the store).  I tried on a few pieces, and finally decided on the Samoa set (all 18kt yellow gold, and the necklace has coral beads [ahem- i hadn’t signed the coral pledge yet]).  I signed the memo paperwork, and floated on home, with a rocking set of jewelry for the wedding that night.

Aren’t they cool? Here’s how the outfit looked all together (phone picture :) )

Ok, back to what I was initially talking about. So now I’m back at home, trying to figure out what jewelry to wear with the dress. Any ideas? I usually go for the not so ordinary pieces, the ones that make a statement. I will have to hunt around my house this week and see what I find.


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