Pinning away

Finallyyyyyy after much brainstorming and scheming, I got an invite to Pinterest, when I was least expecting it (I may have asked random people on twitter, have to admit, and sent a few emails with no response).  My friend Seniorita Polyester was the giver of said invitation (¡¡graciassssss!!), and I will be grateful til my computer dies of so much pinning ( and eventually get another one and keep doing it).

If you do not know what Pinterest is, you’re in for a treat. It’s a way of bookmarking your favorite images around the web, and organizing them into ‘Boards’, aka themes, so they’re easily accessible and, best of all, shared. So, you’re able to ‘follow’ other people’s pins, your friends, bloggers, whoever. The result is a very interesting bank of images and inspiration ( I no longer do google image searches, I just search on Pinterest for a more ‘curated’ and less garbage-filled list of results).

I just started pinning last night, and have so far pinned mostly jewelry from my endless bookmark folder. Hopefully I’ll get the bulk of those out of the way soon and be able to pin away in other corners of the world wide web.

So go explore, and you can take a look at my boards and pins here.


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