Day 13

August Break 2011- So August is coming to an end.  Quick, huh? Have you been enjoying these daily pictures? I have to say I have enjoyed the exercise, since most of the time I get sidetracked and neglect this blog. With the August Break I realized that what I post doesn’t necessarily have to be a very complicated post every time, and images from daily life as a jeweler are great even without a big text to go with them. My initial goal here was to show the world wide web what I was doing, and I have been fine-tuning that for some time, seeing what worked for me.

My friend Natalia also took on the challenge. Go to her blog if you want to see some more inside scoop pictures from a jeweler.

[Images: Working on a big ring with one of the glass cabochons my sister gave me. Soldering the bezel and the band.]

Have a good week!


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  1. Do we keep doing it ?? haha not every day, but it certainly helps to blog more often :)

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