New year update

It’s been challenging to get into work mode again after the holidays, I admit. Christmas is a big deal around here, and with two jobs, making my own schedule and going on vacation for New Years, it got a little crazy.

Now that I have digested the end of 2011 and start planning for 2012, I can show you some pictures of what went on. I’ll divide it into sections.

First, images from the tail end of 2011:

Carved some stamps with my ring designs for packaging. That’s the skinny zebra stamp!

Custom stamped initials on Nugget pendants.

Made a pair of pearl earrings for a newborn baby girl (here people usually pierce baby girl’s ears in the hospital when they’re born).

Had this mess going on preparing for a fair.

Wrapped some presents.

My table at the fair (weird angle, sorry)

And I joined Instagram, so there’s more photos there (@jimenab).


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