Ring sizing cheat sheet

I get a lot of emails and questions regarding ring sizing, especially since knuckle rings have become a thing. I always worry that when I sell a ring and the size isn’t right, things are gonna get complicated with the shipping back and forth and all that, so it’s great to have a sizing tool that doesn’t require any extra effort like going into the mall jewelry store to get measured.

I have to confess I did not invent this by any means. I just asked and my friend Google provided! So go ahead and type ‘ring sizer’, ‘ring size chart’ or something like that into your search engine and you’ll get tons of results (a lot of big name stores need to provide these documents for their customers’ convenience). Follow the download and printing instructions, and like magic, you’re done! And you can use this little trick every time you forget your size or want a ring for a different finger.

If you are a seasoned jewelry buyer, you might want to get an inexpensive ring sizer. They’re made out of plastic, and if you have it nearby you can measure your own fingers anytime.


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