Dream commmission

What does a jeweler want to make more than anything?? (In my case, at least :) ) The answer would be: a 22k gold handwoven chain.

I’ve made chains in fine silver before and I love the process: the flexibility of the metal, the involvement in every step of the way, from making the rings to the weaving. And the end result is a truly timeless piece.
I had only dreamed of maybe one day making one in gold. But I didn’t have to dream for too long, and it was wonderful, just as I thought!

As enjoyable as it was to make, this bracelet was also STRESSFUL! The price of the gold alone adds a tension factor since making a mistake in your initial estimate (as I did, of course) might cost you hundreds of dollars in extra material, changing the estimate altogether. This is not even a factor with silver. That’s the difference between $50 versus 90 cents a gram, yikes!

Here’s a few photos from the process. [Not pictured: me sweating profusely and freaking out that I wouldn’t finish on time.]

Dream commmission


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November 22, 2013 · 20:21

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