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Etsy shop + update

I’ve been slowly adding items to my shop. Turns out I have a ton of jewelry patiently waiting to be listed! Here’s a peek:

And in other news, I started collaborating with my friends Alfredo and Paco, who organize the interdisciplinary design festival FID here in Costa Rica [if you’re into design of any kind, look into it! The past guests have been amazing, and the ones to come are awesome too]. We are working together on their blog, to hopefully reach out to the design community in Costa Rica and other (spanish speaking) countries in between events. There’s a lot of information floating out there, and not too many virtual venues in this region that filter and share it. We want to promote central and south american designers and makers as well, so if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them, as well as design from everywhere else.

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks for the moment. Take a few minutes and browse if you like :)


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Some photos from holy week

This past week in Costa Rica was a holiday. I went to this wonderful place with my family to relax, work a little, collect some rocks and see what edible wild things I could find (of the plant variety). The view from the house is breathtaking, right?! And the view from my room was pretty great as well (you can see my stuff spilled everywhere on the desk). The weather was warm and sunny, which is amazing, considering it rains all year round there in Orosi. Some friends came to spend the day and we ventured out on some off roading adventure and even got our swimsuits on and braved the ice cold water in the river (dunked our heads in and all!).

My cousin was really cool and she lent me her nice camera so I could take some new photos of my work, so here you go. Enjoy!

It’s nice when pictures are taken with a real camera instead of a phone right?


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Table jewelry

I bought this pyrite and quartz specimen a while back and it’s unfortunately unfit for jewelry purposes. Sooo I made it into a piece of ‘table jewelry’, so it wouldn’t have to live in a zipper baggie forever and ever.

Good thing I didn’t make it into a ring because it would’ve crumbled in a thousand pieces in a second – it cracked in half when it was being set here.

This was an exercise in full-on procrastination. I’m glad my avoidance of actual work produced something tangible, instead of just randomly searching the web. There’s a really good term I learned recently that fully describes this type of work: go here.

*most of my images come from my handy phone, so sorry for the iffy quality.

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Mail surprise

Everybody deserves a little present on Valentine’s day. If you want one, send me your address to


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In Brazil

Update, part 2. I went to Brazil with my family. Loved it. I didn’t buy as many gemstones as I would have liked (I imagined I’d find a giant warehouse / market / street fair with stones everywhere, and me leaving with two full suitcases, but that wasn’t the case), but Rio de Janeiro is more beautiful than I could have imagined so I let that expectation go. We did go to a couple of small gemstone museums / jewelry stores, and they had great examples of rough, award-winning specimens, and a large selection of stuff for sale (but more on that in a later post).

Quick stop in Panama City.

Quartz display.

View from the hotel.

Theater in downtown Rio, so pretty.

Cathedral that changes colors, amazing.

The imposing Cristo Redentor statue in Corcovado. 39.6 meters tall, atop a 700 meter mountain.

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Branching out

I read recently that us makers have to do what we do and then tell people about it. Simple yet so true. I have been making a lot lately and my shop needs some more foot traffic, so I decided  to advertise. I chose Bri’s blog because it’s amazing for one, and I visit it every day pretty much. If you don’t know it yet, go ahead and click through, you can thank me later.

I admit I was a bit nervous about stepping out of my etsy-and-people-I-know-directly comfort zone, but it’s good to do scary stuff sometimes, right? I have to get over my shyness, even on the internet :).

Later alligators.

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Day 15- goodbye August

August Break 2011- So this is it! August is gone. It was a great month, lots of things going on, lots of work, play and everything in between.

I leave you with this process shot from the studio: a ring I made a while back and really like, and one I haven’t finished yet (using my sister’s glass cabs).

I think I’ll keep this style of posting in the days and weeks to come, it was a great great posting exercise, and it showed me how many images I have stored in my hard drive waiting to be seen by somebody.

On to September, bring it on!

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