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Etsy shop + update

I’ve been slowly adding items to my shop. Turns out I have a ton of jewelry patiently waiting to be listed! Here’s a peek:

And in other news, I started collaborating with my friends Alfredo and Paco, who organize the interdisciplinary design festival FID here in Costa Rica [if you’re into design of any kind, look into it! The past guests have been amazing, and the ones to come are awesome too]. We are working together on their blog, to hopefully reach out to the design community in Costa Rica and other (spanish speaking) countries in between events. There’s a lot of information floating out there, and not too many virtual venues in this region that filter and share it. We want to promote central and south american designers and makers as well, so if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them, as well as design from everywhere else.

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks for the moment. Take a few minutes and browse if you like :)


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Metal & Mineral: new tumblr image blog

There are so many great images of jewelry and related subjects that I come across that I would like to share (and also some of my pictures that don’t have a proper sharing site) that I got my arm twisted into creating a Tumblr image blog. It’ll be a nice dumping ground for all images (and maybe videos) concerning jewelry, gems and the like. It’s different from this blog because there will be hardly any text accompanying the images, and most of the work featured will be other people’s, and in the case that it’s mine, it’ll probably be a random image that doesn’t take part in a larger blog post like the ones on onmyworktable. It’s a work in progress for now, and the rules are fuzzy still, but I’m excited.

Let me know what you think. Or if you’d like to see something specific on there. I’m all [virtual] ears.

Click here.

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