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New photos of new work

I took some photos of my Amuletos collection. I like the contrast of the bright colors against the grey background. I used to take pictures on white only, and now I’m rethinking it.


And also there’s some new photos of previously sadly ignored Atenea neckpieces. They look quite nice right (for a non pro)?

There’s still a box of unphotographed items, but I’m making progress. I’ve been trying to take pictures and price all my pieces that for one reason or another (read: I hate setting prices, so I ignore them until I can’t anymore) have been left behind.

I found I have a few of older rings and things lying around that I might put in my store under a ‘sample sale’ category, sort of a cleansing sale. These pieces need a home, they’re all sad inside a box. I’ll keep you posted!


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Atenea: a new collection


I’m happy to be posting about these pieces finally. They are inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, specifically Athena, the “goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Minerva, Athena’s Roman incarnation, embodies similar attributes. I have a soft spot for ancient jewelry and ancient techniques, and that’s what I wanted to recreate with this collection.

I made these from brass sheet and silver half jump rings with balled up ends. The brass, with its temperamental attributes, seems to interact with the person wearing the necklace, reacting to body chemistry and changing colors. The warm golden and reddish tones in the metal were a product of the heat from the torch when I balled up the silver wire unions. I decided to embrace the patinas that the metal naturally obtained, and have been pleasantly surprised by how much I like its changing nature.

These pieces are very flattering and comfortable. And there are more coming.

Here’s the link to my store –> Jimena Bolaños on Etsy.


*quote from Wikipedia

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Brass and dots

The little guys are new in my Etsy store. Hope you like them.


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Images from the past few days

I haven’t been too constant posting here, but I always take pictures when I work.Some of these I’ve shared through Instagram (@jimenab).

Here’s a couple weeks’ worth of images of what I’ve been doing. Hope you enjoy.

1. coils for jump rings – 2. cutting solder – 3. etsy order packaged – 4. coconut water on a sick day – 5. scrap gold to make a friend’s wedding bands, in the crucible – 6. big torch melting the gold – 7. etsy orders and gold ingot – 8. start for woven chains – 9. tomato soup

1. chain test – 2. the pieces and the chain – 3. pulling the chain to even out the shape – 4. fusing fine silver jump rings – 5. more fusing – 6. still more fusing, and how the chain should look when finished – 7. about 500 jump rings in peanut form – 8. beaded necklaces for wholesale order – 9. new brass stacking rings for the shop

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Playing with fire, part 1

I took a very very cool class at the school this weekend: low tech casting. It’s just as exciting and fun as it sounds. It pretty much involved playing with fire, burning stuff and looking at the amazing results.

Safety first!

Melt your metal of choice. We used brass to go easy on our pockets. And it’s very pretty too.

Experiment #1: lentils.

Pan it out. Make sure the metal has already cooled down because the green thing is made of plastic.

The result!

Second try: flax seeds. Very slimy.

We had other organic stuff lined up for the metal.

After I poured in the brass (which went straight down to the bottom), it kept boiling and burning for a good minute. That’s why we used steel cups. This flax seed experiment burned the bottom of this little cup, so you see how plastic would’ve caused a nasty foot burn.

And a mushroom was the result. Of all people, the mushroom had to be mine.

Lima bean experiment.

We all had some great fun I have to say. This class is sooo much fun. And it’s always good to experiment with new techniques with other people who enjoy it too. Thank you to Julieta our teacher!

This is only one of the techniques we learned! Stay tuned for the next batch of photos soon.

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Gemstone boxes

Love these boxes by famed interior designer Kelly Wearstler, from her collection of home goods for Bergdorf Goodman.

[Ignoring the fact that gemologists aren’t supposed to ID any stones by appearance only] I spy some smoky quartz, howlite (maybe), and hematite on the box on the left, and some jasper, serpentine (maybe), malaquite and who am I kidding, can’t remember any more of the green section (worst one by the way).

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Zebra rings!

Went to the platers yesterday and got a whole bunch of things ready to upload to the store. Sooo finally, here are these rings that I am very excited about. They are simple but have a great visual texture, which makes them cool pieces to wear by themselves or combined with other textures and colors. Hope you like them!


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