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Playing with fire, part 1

I took a very very cool class at the school this weekend: low tech casting. It’s just as exciting and fun as it sounds. It pretty much involved playing with fire, burning stuff and looking at the amazing results.

Safety first!

Melt your metal of choice. We used brass to go easy on our pockets. And it’s very pretty too.

Experiment #1: lentils.

Pan it out. Make sure the metal has already cooled down because the green thing is made of plastic.

The result!

Second try: flax seeds. Very slimy.

We had other organic stuff lined up for the metal.

After I poured in the brass (which went straight down to the bottom), it kept boiling and burning for a good minute. That’s why we used steel cups. This flax seed experiment burned the bottom of this little cup, so you see how plastic would’ve caused a nasty foot burn.

And a mushroom was the result. Of all people, the mushroom had to be mine.

Lima bean experiment.

We all had some great fun I have to say. This class is sooo much fun. And it’s always good to experiment with new techniques with other people who enjoy it too. Thank you to Julieta our teacher!

This is only one of the techniques we learned! Stay tuned for the next batch of photos soon.


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