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Gemstone and mineral stamps / 3

These beautiful stamps come all the way from Russia. Look at that malachite!

Source: mineralstamps.com – *composites made by me


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Gemstone and mineral stamps / 1

I’ve been obsessed with finding cool images for my tumblr blog lately, and in doing so have sort of gone down the rabbit hole of image collecting and reposting. Which is how I found these images you see below. I love stamps, assorted printed goods, and getting mail, so combining these with minerals and gemstones just about blows the top of my head off.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I will be posting them in small groups for the sake of making them last and savoring them a bit more.

There’s a bunch more to share from this particular group, but the line drawings are so good I had to leave them large to appreciate them better. Here we have Amethyst and Peridot (aka Olivine).

Source: mineralstamps.com – *composites made by me

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Stamp your name on it

Zebra stamp

Branding is very important. Very very important. Very.  It’s the way your customers will recognize you, remember you, visualize your work.  So what to do when you’re on a tight budget?  Well good thing you asked.  I studied Graphic Design in college, so making labels and brand identity is just as fun as making jewelry.  And remember I said I love craft stores.

STAMPS.  These little innocent rubber thingies can do wonders to labels, business cards, boxes, bags, you name it.  You can stamp your logo, your name, a little message for your clients, or many figures to make a pattern.  There are two ways to go about having the stamp you want: handmade or order it from a stamp joint.  Of course, my favorite are handmade, surprised?

There’s a very useful video tutorial on The Paper Source‘s webpage, if you want to take a look (if you’re interested, you can get a beginners’ kit there too).  The stamp making itself is an exercise of carving rubber, the pieces you take off are the negative and the ones you leave will be inked and produce an image.  The tools used are the same that print makers use to carve linoleum for block prints.  These handmade stamps have a very unique look, so you can decide whether that works with the design you want to make.  I mean, you can’t expect to carve out a whole sentence in tiny type, right?

A good alternative if you can’t decide is to commission your design to a handmade stamp maker on etsy.  They have a lot of ideas if you’re not sure.

If you’re going to a regular stamp making place, you can take a printout of what you want, and some even take digital files, and then work their magic.

Either way, stamps are fairly inexpensive and can be personalized.  The inks you find in stores can be used on plastic, cardboard, metal, etc.  Get to makin’!

*Photo credits: Corrabelle via Etsy

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