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Dream commmission

What does a jeweler want to make more than anything?? (In my case, at least :) ) The answer would be: a 22k gold handwoven chain.

I’ve made chains in fine silver before and I love the process: the flexibility of the metal, the involvement in every step of the way, from making the rings to the weaving. And the end result is a truly timeless piece.
I had only dreamed of maybe one day making one in gold. But I didn’t have to dream for too long, and it was wonderful, just as I thought!

As enjoyable as it was to make, this bracelet was also STRESSFUL! The price of the gold alone adds a tension factor since making a mistake in your initial estimate (as I did, of course) might cost you hundreds of dollars in extra material, changing the estimate altogether. This is not even a factor with silver. That’s the difference between $50 versus 90 cents a gram, yikes!

Here’s a few photos from the process. [Not pictured: me sweating profusely and freaking out that I wouldn’t finish on time.]

Dream commmission

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November 22, 2013 · 20:21

Emerge / D12

[More than] A few weeks ago I participated in a very cool event involving emerging fashion and jewelry designers, and it was appropriately named Emerge. (I’m making a habit of posting about things that have already passed, please excuse me, I’m so behind.) It took place at the Museo de arte y diseño contemporáneo in San José. The idea was to pair up one jewelry designer with a fashion designer and see what they could come up with, and present it in a full-on fashion show. I had the opportunity of working with fashion designer Marcelle Desanti. Our designs worked well together, and we had fun creating the looks and pairing our existing pieces with each other.

The results were so good, and the event itself was super fun, impeccably organized and full of people.

This was the flyer, featuring costarrican model Leonora Jiménez (isn’t she beautiful??):


Here’s a few images from backstage and the catwalk:


Above: models getting hair and makeup done; jewelry designer Fiorella Pattoni fitting her pieces on a model; catwalk lists on the wall.


Above: models backstage; catwalk photos by photographers Luis Eduarte and Fabio Chavarría.

The other designers that participated in the fashion show were:

Fabrizzio Berrocal & Amira Jalet / Maria Lourdes Castro & Melina Dada / Tripartito & Fiorella Pattoni / Carlos Villalobos & Julieta Odio.

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Etsy shop + update

I’ve been slowly adding items to my shop. Turns out I have a ton of jewelry patiently waiting to be listed! Here’s a peek:

And in other news, I started collaborating with my friends Alfredo and Paco, who organize the interdisciplinary design festival FID here in Costa Rica [if you’re into design of any kind, look into it! The past guests have been amazing, and the ones to come are awesome too]. We are working together on their blog, to hopefully reach out to the design community in Costa Rica and other (spanish speaking) countries in between events. There’s a lot of information floating out there, and not too many virtual venues in this region that filter and share it. We want to promote central and south american designers and makers as well, so if you have any suggestions we’d love to hear them, as well as design from everywhere else.

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks for the moment. Take a few minutes and browse if you like :)

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New photos of new work

I took some photos of my Amuletos collection. I like the contrast of the bright colors against the grey background. I used to take pictures on white only, and now I’m rethinking it.


And also there’s some new photos of previously sadly ignored Atenea neckpieces. They look quite nice right (for a non pro)?

There’s still a box of unphotographed items, but I’m making progress. I’ve been trying to take pictures and price all my pieces that for one reason or another (read: I hate setting prices, so I ignore them until I can’t anymore) have been left behind.

I found I have a few of older rings and things lying around that I might put in my store under a ‘sample sale’ category, sort of a cleansing sale. These pieces need a home, they’re all sad inside a box. I’ll keep you posted!

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Gemstone and mineral stamps / 4

Source: – *composites made by me

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Gemstone and mineral stamps / 3

These beautiful stamps come all the way from Russia. Look at that malachite!

Source: – *composites made by me

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