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CyberMonday deal


This is going to be active through today until midnight. 15% off AND free shipping!

Go ahead :).


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New photos of new work

I took some photos of my Amuletos collection. I like the contrast of the bright colors against the grey background. I used to take pictures on white only, and now I’m rethinking it.


And also there’s some new photos of previously sadly ignored Atenea neckpieces. They look quite nice right (for a non pro)?

There’s still a box of unphotographed items, but I’m making progress. I’ve been trying to take pictures and price all my pieces that for one reason or another (read: I hate setting prices, so I ignore them until I can’t anymore) have been left behind.

I found I have a few of older rings and things lying around that I might put in my store under a ‘sample sale’ category, sort of a cleansing sale. These pieces need a home, they’re all sad inside a box. I’ll keep you posted!

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Metal & Mineral: new tumblr image blog

There are so many great images of jewelry and related subjects that I come across that I would like to share (and also some of my pictures that don’t have a proper sharing site) that I got my arm twisted into creating a Tumblr image blog. It’ll be a nice dumping ground for all images (and maybe videos) concerning jewelry, gems and the like. It’s different from this blog because there will be hardly any text accompanying the images, and most of the work featured will be other people’s, and in the case that it’s mine, it’ll probably be a random image that doesn’t take part in a larger blog post like the ones on onmyworktable. It’s a work in progress for now, and the rules are fuzzy still, but I’m excited.

Let me know what you think. Or if you’d like to see something specific on there. I’m all [virtual] ears.

Click here.

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Atenea: a new collection


I’m happy to be posting about these pieces finally. They are inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, specifically Athena, the “goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, just warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. Minerva, Athena’s Roman incarnation, embodies similar attributes. I have a soft spot for ancient jewelry and ancient techniques, and that’s what I wanted to recreate with this collection.

I made these from brass sheet and silver half jump rings with balled up ends. The brass, with its temperamental attributes, seems to interact with the person wearing the necklace, reacting to body chemistry and changing colors. The warm golden and reddish tones in the metal were a product of the heat from the torch when I balled up the silver wire unions. I decided to embrace the patinas that the metal naturally obtained, and have been pleasantly surprised by how much I like its changing nature.

These pieces are very flattering and comfortable. And there are more coming.

Here’s the link to my store –> Jimena Bolaños on Etsy.


*quote from Wikipedia

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Conveyor belt pin making, and some news

I needed about a million pins for a few new pieces, so I had to resort to MacGyver tactics. See the photo on the left: I made a tube that measured the same length as the pins I needed, and soldered it to a piece of sheet. Then you just insert the wire into the tube and cut all your pieces the same length and save a lot of time. The only flaw in the design is that the tube was too thin so the pieces got stuck inside and that messed up my flow a bit, but nothing major. All in all, I was pretty happy with my little invention (although I’m sure there’s a tool that does that in some catalog somewhere).

As for the news: there are some pretty amazing posts coming this week. We will be getting an insider look into some artists’ work and studios, so stay on your toes because they are really good. They will be a part of a new section in this blog, so hopefully I will keep them coming. Can’t wait to publish the first post and see what you all think!  **EDIT: it will happen this afternoon!**

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instagram favorites

Over the past few weeks I’ve grown to really enjoy Instagram. I found a lot of new interesting people to follow, and a good lot of them post pictures of jewelry making, gemstones and workshops! Here’s a selection of some of my ‘hearted’ images over the past few weeks. If you have the app on your phone and you’d like to follow the owners of these photos, here they are:

@777bryan777 (great photos of gemstones, rough and some cut stones) // @amerrymishap (lifestyle blogger and polymer clay jewelry maker)

@topnotchfaceting (stone cutting process photos = drool) // @lisacongdon (art, painting and dogs)

@jaquelinelitchi // @topnotchfaceting [again, yes] // @cali_d (snow and adventures) // @ronaboat

@michellelattner (ceramic art process photos) // @joyeroamarillo (jeweler and stone cutting student)

@aina_joies (barcelona based jeweler) // @crystalgentilello (rue magazine editor in chief)

Hope you enjoy their photos as much as I do.

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Brass and dots

The little guys are new in my Etsy store. Hope you like them.


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